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In 1948 Alexander Baillie, founder of Tacoma Golf Club and the "Father of Golf in the Northwest" did a radio interview where he talks about how golf got started in the United States.  Here's the interview

In 1995, the Golf Committee made this video for educating folks on proper golf course etiquette.  The content is still very relevant today, and it's really fun to see these folks 20 years younger. Click on the image below.

In 1994, the Club celebrated it's centennial and this wonderful video was made.  It does a wonderful job of documenting the first 100 years of the Club.  It's really worth watching but it's 24 minutes long so don't start it unless you are sitting down.  Click on the image below.

It's not every day you see a video of folks golfing almost 90 years ago, but here is a 10 minute clip I made from footage taken at Tacoma in 1926.  This period at the Club was truly a post war boom.  The membership roster boasted 430 golfers. The "playing field" was just renovated with 45 acres of fairway, some traps, and an irrigation system handled from a new water tower and 13,500 feet of wooden pipes.  The record shows the Club spent $75,000 topsoiling the fairways.  In today's money that would be like spending $1,040,000.  This is a priceless opportunity to see the original prairie/oak savanna landscape.  Click on the image below and enjoy.

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  1. Enjoyed watching this! Thanks for recapturing this in a clip Joel.