Saturday, June 10, 2017


Remember the temporary pro shop??  Well I certainly do and I say good riddance.  .  
This week my team finally put to bed the pro shop project.  Yes, there is still little things to do here and there but we're at a point where none of that is urgent.  Some of the landscaping will be completed over the next few months but really, are we ever done working on the landscaping?  To finish that area by the first tee we of course had to scrape off all the wood chip.  That didn't smell too me.   Then we tilled that area and added some sand to dilute the remaining organic material.
After some raking and leveling we brought in another 8,000 square feet of sod to cover it up.
At this time we also took care of some of the minor repairs around the pro shop.
At the performance center, we did seed that area out in front of it so that should be greened up soon and that will really make it look completed.  Finding the opportunity to work in front of this building has been quite challenging since there's always someone using it.  Even when the weather is great, people just like to hit from there because it's kind of private and of course the teaching bay is used daily for lessons.  As they say, "build it and they will come".
So anyway, there you have it.  The pro shop project is basically finished and the experience is one that I will never forget.  Starting with the swimming pool in 2005, all of Club's facilities have now been upgraded and/or renovated.  This is such an amazing club and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  The question now is "what's next"?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wrapping Up

So Jeremy spent Monday and Tuesday working his magic with the new patio planters.
On Wednesday the sod came in for around the putting green.
We also were able to repair a lot of the area around 18 green.  You might recall this damage occurred mostly from trenching power out to the performance center. 
Everything is wrapping up beautifully.  
The new patio has a nice clean look.
Now we are looking to restore the area left of the first tee which is where the temporary pro shop lived.  This area will be tilled, amended with some sand, and then sodded on Thursday.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Open For Business

The new Pro Shop is open...And it is Awesome!  We officially had access about 10 days ago and the "move in" has been one of most hectic times I can ever remember.  I'm not sure you can imagine how crazy it's been, but keep in mind the weather has been gorgeous and everyone wants to play golf so it would be a hectic time without the pro shop project.  
Here you see the temporary pro shop being hauled off.  I certainly wont miss that building. My staff helped get everything out of it but the pro shop staff has been working furiously day and night moving things into the new building.  If those folks look a little tired today, believe me, they are.   For my department, our focus has been around the putting green and new patio.
Before plowing into the green with our Wacker Neuson wheel loader (affectionately called "the wacker") we removed all the putting green sod that was usable.
Ditches were dug and irrigation was installed.  This was a fun irrigation project for me.

I installed the valves all the way around to the side of the building so they would be out of site.  We finally got the irrigation restored and just in time cuz it's supposed to get hot this weekend.
The pop ups in the planter boxes work really sweet.
By the way the planter boxes have 8 inches of gravel in the bottom to help with drainage.
The soil is sandy loam.  The top 6 inches of soil will be amended with compost.  Later this next week we will be planting them and of course that's all Jeremy.  I'm sure he will do an amazing job.
Just have to say that I'm not sure how we could have done this project without the "wacker".  It literally is the most versatile machine and with the turf tires on it we can drive it anywhere........Yes, even on the putting green.
My staff has just been amazing this whole time.  Somehow they've managed to keep the golf course in shape while spending hours upon hours on the pro shop project.
This coming week we will sod around the putting green and plant the planter boxes.  After that we will address the mess where the temporary pro shop sat for 6 months.  That area is pretty ugly.  Stay tuned.