Saturday, May 13, 2017

The End in Sight

What a difference some good weather can make.  We finally got some sunshine and dry conditions so everything has come together quickly and it's looking fantastic.  All of the concrete has been poured.

In fact, all of the asphalt has been laid as well.

The painting is complete on the performance center and almost complete on the pro shop.

Notice also that there is grass all around the performance center.  We removed all the mud and old cart path, imported a gravel base, installed the plastic substrate, covered it with a suitable sandy soil, and then installed another 12,000 square feet of sod.

This project has been so consuming for my staff, but the end product is looking so good that we are staying positive and very motivated to finish it in a high quality fashion.  There is still much to do around the putting green area but at this point most of the big stuff is done and the end is in sight. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Project Update 4-30-17

We've broken out the heavy equipment and are really pushing hard to get all the ground work done around the performance center.  The record rainfall this spring has made this very difficult but we're finally getting some good weather and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Okay.......there's still a bunch of stuff to do so the light is faint but I can definitely see it.  

We recently finished the ground surrounding the hitting strip which was the first sign that things were finally getting done.
We brought in 12,000 sq ft of sod on that first load so we also sodded over the Emergency Vehicle Access and made some repairs to a few areas between 12 and 13 where the poplar trees were removed.
Now we're trying to finish the ADA compliant access to the performance center.
The old path was removed and a new gravel base was installed and compacted.
This week we should have the area ready for sodding over.
 At the pro shop concrete is being poured and it's looking very good.
 We have a great weather forecast this week so I expect a lot will get done.  Hope all of you find time to get out to the Club and check it out.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017


 Greens were punched last Monday.  We started by using the dryject machine. If you want to know what the dryject machine does click HERE.................
Immediately after the dryject process we rolled the greens and then punched them with the traditional solid tine.  Immediately after that we applied more sand and then drug the sand into all the holes.
Luckily we had a good day of weather during this process and this is how they looked when we finished the day.
We incorporated a lot of sand and the dryject process relieved some deep compaction that we normally can't get to.  As expected the greens are draining well and we know this because we've had a lot of rain since we punched them.  That rain has washed all the sand in nicely and the greens look very good today but all the rain has really caused us some problems with our spring aeration.  The forecast is for more rain this week and we are running out of time to punch fairways.  
On top of that we just got hit by a serious wind storm on Friday so now the course is covered in debris.
This week we will have to focus on cleaning up after the storm and getting the place mowed down and hopefully have it in decent condition for Thursdays Pro Am.  So again it looks like punching all the fairways is simply not feasible.  I have never been more frustrated with the spring weather. Typically we are almost finished with aeration at this time and to date all we have punched is the greens.  My hope right now is to find time to just punch some of the weaker fairways like #2 and #5.  These fairways are really weak due to excessive shade and the very cold winter so punching them will hopefully stimulate some growth and improve the turf density.  
If you were around this last week you may have noticed the excavation on the left of the first fairway.
What we're doing there is building the EVA (Emergency Vehicle Access) for the new performance center.  This is a building requirement and it means the loss of one of the parking stalls in the main parking lot.
The excavated area was back-filled with a gravel mixture which we compacted very tightly. 
On top of the compacted gravel we installed this plastic mesh stuff which can withstand the weight of any type of emergency vehicle including a fire truck.
On top of that we installed sand.  The final step will be installing sod so in the end it wont really look like we built a road there at all.