Saturday, December 3, 2016

Project Update

BPCI took advantage of the break in the rain and poured the slab for the new ProShop retail area.  They pumped the concrete from the back parking lot over the building.  
The pour went well and now they're getting ready to start framing the new area.
Inside there is still a lot of work going on re-engineering the structure.  
Out on the driving range, BPCI has wasted no time with the build of the performance center.
They have already excavated the area and are getting ready to set forms for the foundation.  

Also out on the driving range, my staff has made huge progress on the install of the artificial turf strip.  The sod has been removed and using a lazer level we have set the elevation points and started digging for the foundation.  

FYI, the logistics of pouring concrete in this area became so complicated that we've decided to build a gravel base for the turf strip.  In the end it will look the same but we are definitely saving a lot of money doing it this way. 

On the golf course the break in the weather has given us an opportunity to continue work on the bunkers.  We're making sure each trap has good sand depth throughout the bunker floor and we're also replacing damaged fescue areas.  
All the greens were recently topdressed and you may have noticed that we're changing the width of a couple of fairways.

Maintaining a golf course is fun work but there's nothing better than being caught up on the maintenance and getting the opportunity to make improvements.  This is the time of year when we can do that.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rain Rain...Go Away

 Nearly 14 inches of rain in the last 50 days.  That's a lot of rain and we had some wet, muddy problems near the temporary pro shop which needed correcting.
BPCI is using this path for access to the project so they're having to drive big machines through this area and the road is simply not wide enough.  We fixed that issue with a little excavation and gravel.
Inside the demolition of walls is continuing and things are getting hard to recognize.  For example this is the cart barn without a wall at the end.  This area is getting expanded so there's some serious engineering going on where there used to be a garage door.
 This area is where the restrooms and furnace used to be.
Outside the new retail area is taking shape and they're getting close to pouring some concrete.
Things are really going well and the excitement for the new pro shop is growing steadily.  Meanwhile on the golf course we finally got a break in the rain and got some things mowed down.  We even got out to punch some of the greens with the new deep tine machine.  The holes you see on these greens are 8 inches deep and almost a half inch round.  This treatment will really improve drainage.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Build Out

The interior of the ProShop has been stripped down to the studs and now BPCI is starting the build out.
The area of excavation was marked out at the front of the building.  This is one of the areas that the building is being expanded.
Parts of the building were removed and excavation for the footings began.
I want to point out the quality of the lumber originally used in the structure. Check out the decking.  It's double tongue and groove and about 3 inches thick.  I don't imagine anyone could afford to build with lumber like that nowadays.
This is how it looked at the end of the day Friday.  Excavation is complete and they're getting ready to set forms for pouring the foundation of the expansion.  This area will be the new entrance to the ProShop and contain all the retail and the front counter.  Pretty exciting stuff.  It's going to look great.  During the demolition phase I was hoping to find some interesting historical items but unfortunately nothing super significant surfaced........just a bunch of old golf balls.......
and this one document which is certainly interesting.  It's a mint condition copy of the golf course rules as printed in 1961.  Check it out.

Times have changed.  I can't imagine what it was like to close portions of the course for watering.