Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Traffic Management


We continue to see more and more rounds played as golf is now the most popular pastime.  I've never seen so many people on the golf course, especially now during the "off season".  As a consequence we are seeing some problems with wear and tear in high traffic areas.  For example, on #9 green we have some thinning of the turf in the front left corner where everyone is entering and exiting.  

To try and alleviate the stress on this area we put up a short set of ropes to try and encourage folks to take a slightly less direct route.  Unfortunately many people do not understand what these ropes are for since I've observed many players stepping over them, essentially defeating the purpose entirely.  Please do not step over the ropes.  Please help us by taking a few extra steps to walk around these ropes and give that turf a little break from all the foot traffic.  These ropes will not stay there forever.  Once we see the turf recover a little, we will remove them.  More than likely we will be placing them in a new area where we are seeing a traffic problem. Once spring arrives and the grass starts growing we will no longer need them.