Friday, July 15, 2011

What is that thing?

I guess you call it a "range bell".  We've all done it.  We get up to our range balls and start aiming at stuff.  We shoot at the range targets.  We shoot at the range picker guy.  We try to hit the trees at the back of the range.  We all have used the two trees on the back of the range as a goal post.  It always is such a feeling of satisfaction when we split the goal post.  There's no better feeling than hitting the tree we're aiming at.  Anyway, one day I thought what if there was something out there that really made a sound upon impact.  What about a giant bell.  After some thought, it seemed like the logical thing would be some kind of metal tank hung out there.  I tracked down an old 250 gallon propane tank.
We cut one end off of it and gave it a paint job.
Then we rented a lift and hung it on a cable between the goal post trees.  Let's just say it was an immediate hit.  Everyone is aiming at it and getting quite frustrated when they fail.  It's definately a challenge and very rewarding when you get it and hear that thing ring.  Also, it helps the Pro out since everyone is aiming more toward the center of the range which means less balls are lost in the woods.  Hope you enjoy it.

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