Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today we sent the rough mower out but its job today is not to mow rough.  Its job today is simply to mulch.  The oak trees are defoliating rapidly and luckily we have yet to have a major wind and rain event.  Without wind, the leaves fall straight down and the new TORO 4300 can chop them up nicely.  If we were to have any kind of wind event now, leaves would be blown all over the place which means we would have to condense them into piles or rows which would be too dense with leaves to chop up. If we get any kind of rain with that wind, now we have wet, dense areas of leaves and that's the worst conditions for mulching.  Conditions are perfect for mulching right now.  No wind and dry weather.  So today we are trying to cover as much ground as possible, focusing on just mowing up leaves.  Every leaf we chop up now is one less leaf we will have to pick up after our first major windy, rainy day which is bound to be any day now and looks like what we're in for tomorrow.

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