Friday, November 11, 2011

Bunker Rake Placement....Do it Right!!

First of all, if you haven't watched the video I made on bunkers, here it is.  Watch it again and pay close attention to where I talk about bunker rake placement.
Now watch this video on bunker rake placement.
Two very different perspectives.  Let me just say those guys are wrong.  Bunker rakes should be left inside the bunkers so that the maintenance staff doesn't have to move them every time the grass needs to be cut.  The exception is during tournament play.  I understand the argument that rakes left outside the bunkers will result in fewer ruling violations but that's only because people haven't been taught that there is a better way to place them inside the bunker.  Watch the second video again and take note of the rake that gets in the guys way.  Somebody placed it up on a slope in such a manner that it was destined to cause a problem.  That rake was likely put there because someone walked out of the bunker on that steep face because he, or she was too lazy to walk out the lower face like they should.  This issue is about education and etiquette.  People need to walk in and out of bunkers where the face is NOT steep whenever possible.  People also need to be responsible and place rakes in such a manner that the next person wont run into an issue.  That might mean you leave it in the bottom of the bunker where it's flat, but I imagine in most situations you can place it like I've instructed in my video.  This is really the most reasonable thing to do.  If you're at a course that asks for rakes to be placed outside the bunkers then by all means do that.  If your playing here at Tacoma C&GC, please don't.  Be a responsible golfer and place them in such a way as to not interfere with the person behind you.  This usually happens naturally if you simply follow the rules of entering and exiting the bunkers.

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