Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowpocalypse 2012 Aftermath

I could show several hundred pictures related to this storm and I will show most of them over the next several blogs as we clean up this mess, but for now, I just want to show the worst damage including those trees that we lost.  Unfortunately, all the trees we lost are of the Garry Oak species.  This is unfortunate since they are a threatened species, but at the same time we are so fortunate that not one single lost tree will impact the integrity of the golf course.  None of these trees were really in play.  I do feel that we need to do our part to protect these trees so I will personally plant at least one new oak for each one we lost.  Below are some pictures of the trees we lost and those that were most heavily damaged.  My arborist and I will be evaluating all the trees on the property over the next several weeks.  There might be several trees that are severely damaged right now that I have not yet seen, and they may need to be removed for safety reasons.  Keep checking the blog if you're interested in our findings.
Very large oak uprooted right side of #10 landing area

We may be able to save parts of this oak which is on the right of #2

This oak fell on the back of #11 green.  We may be able to save the half that didn't fall over
This is a close up of the shattered oak leader behind #11 green

Very large oak off the 16th tee.  Ironically the Committee was discussing the poor health of this tree at the last meeting

Two of our nicest oak specimens between 12 and 16 got thinned but they will survive

this is another picture of the two oaks between 12 and 16

This is a monster oak behind #6 green.  On the bright side, this will add sunlight to #6 green which never hurts.

Very large limb left of #11 cannot be saved.  Interestingly, this limb had a very large crack in it already and  I just had our arborist looking at maybe cabling it up to preserve it.

This oak grove left of #11 has many broken limbs which is unfortunate but it will add some sunlight
 to this very shady area.

A very nice oak tree right of #11 green but it's one of those on the edge of the property
that we never really took notice of.

Flowering plum left of #2.  As I said yesterday, we lost several of these trees throughout the property

This was taken just hours ago and as you can see, the snow has melted off the limbs so we are thawing out quick.  I think Snowpocalypse 2012 is behind us................that is the storm is over but the aftermath will be here for quite some time.

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