Friday, February 15, 2013


Specifically, the bunkers that look like they've been painted are those that are ready for bunker sand.  The nice coloration in them is the color of the spray that we use to kill the grass liner.
Here you can see Doug and Tim applying the spray.  The snow shovel lying there is not for shoveling.
The snow shovel is to protect the edge of the bunkers from getting hit by the spray.  By the way, the spray consists of three components.  Those are water, glyphosate (round up), and a drift control adjuvant.  The goal is to kill only the grass on the bunker floor and none that is along the bunker edge.   The spray will not dry very well this time of year so it is VERY VERY important that you do not walk into the bunkers that have been sprayed.  If you do, the chemical will undoubtedly be tracked around by the soles of your feet onto grass that we do not want to kill.  Obviously in order to have no mishaps, we will try to limit the number of bunkers that have been sprayed.  Essentially, once we spray out a bunker, that means we intend on installing the new sand in it very within hours, or maybe a day.  Meanwhile, we will rope it off with caution tape so you know this is one of those bunkers that must be stayed out of and NOT walked into for ANY REASON!!!!  It will look like this................
So yes, if you've been paying attention, you must have figured out by now that some of the bunkers are ready for sand.  As you can imagine, this is a very exciting time for all of us involved with this project.  If you want to see how this bunkers looks today, complete with bunker sand, then you will need to come out and play......................or just go to the next blog post.

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