Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seedlings, Seedlings Everywhere

Above you see #4 two months ago.
Here it is today.  Finally finished and now just growing in and maturing.  Right now there are seedlings everywhere like you see here where we restored a very large area that once was fairway and now will be rough.  There is a lot of areas like this where we have young seedlings growing and the place is starting to look like a golf course that is NOT under construction.
This is that area between 5 and 8 where almost every yard of soil passed through during the renovation.  Today it is finally seeded and on its way to looking like nothing ever happened.
Right now the seedlings on the tee surfaces are coming in nicely also.  This is the 11th tee and it is looking awesome.  
Here is a close up of the tee surface.  If you check out the last blog you will see that there is three grass types here.  Right now you can see all three types have emerged and are looking great.
Check out the half acre teeing ground for 6 and 18.  It's starting to look like something now.
Here's the new tee on 8.  Also looking real good.  Honestly everything is coming along great and we still plan on playing the new black tees on June 15th for the US OPEN field day even though I'm sure they will be a little thin.  One thing that is helping is the record breaking weather we've been having.  It hasn't rained for the last 12 days (which is amazing in May) and the temperatures have been 15 to 20 degrees above average.  Because of that, we have had very quick germination of all the seedlings, and the golf course is really very firm.  I know most of you have been enjoying the firm and fast conditions.  Funny, last year we had the driest summer ever recorded and I wasn't able to get the fescue to brown out.  Today, almost every fescue bunker eyebrow is browned out.  I just love this look.
Well it's back to green because today the rain has returned.

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