Saturday, March 8, 2014

9 Tee Renovation

Above you see an aerial diagram of the complex at 5 and 8 green including the 9th tee.  It's one of those areas that wasn't completely finished during the renovation of the course last year.  This week we will begin the process of completing the work to this area per the Master Plan.

The pinkish reddish area in this diagram shows the area of the teeing ground  that will be lifted and regraded. The end result will be an area that is flatter throughout, providing more tee-able areas, and making the cross over from 5 green to 6 tee more gradual.  In addition, the cart path will be removed similar to what we've done on several of the other teeing grounds and green complexes.   We also will be changing the mowing patterns here to increase the amount of short turf. 

When finished, the area will look like the above diagram.  This area is challenging to manage since traffic from two holes converge and cross each-other.  Because of the concentrated traffic, I think this area will really benefit from being changed over to short fairway turf.  Ever since we began removing cart paths and aggressively managing traffic areas, we find that the areas that are roughs don't hold up as well as those areas that are short turf.  

With that being said, from this time forward we would like to see all POWER CARTS  follow the path depicted above when leaving the 8th green.  This will reduce the total amount of traffic converging between the 5th and 8th green and help that area stay healthy and thus more enjoyable to play from.  The roughs on the left of 9 tee will now see more traffic than ever before, but again we only want to see POWER CARTS take that route since it's an area that's not in play,so if it gets matted down, it will only be a cosmetic issue and not compromising playability.

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