Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What Storm?

Last Saturday there was a probability that the Puget Sound region would experience a historic wind event.  As you can see by this cup and flagstick we did see some significant wind but definitely not the kind I would consider historic.  To be specific in our area the National Weather Service recorded sustained wind from 20 to 30 mph and the strongest gust was 47 mph.  That's more than breezy but nothing out of the ordinary.  Here's some pictures of how the golf course looked this morning as we began the clean up process.

We did loose a couple trees as one Hemlock on the driving range fell on top of a small douglas fir.
Ironically this tree was going to be removed this winter since it was a standing dead tree.  As you can see in this picture there is another tree here which is standing dead. Sometime this winter when the ground is frozen we'll get out there with the chipper truck and remove it.  So anyway the historic wind storm that never happened has passed and the golf course suffered very little damage.  Clean up has begun and the playing ground should look pretty tidy by the end of the week.  
Lastly on the subject of tree removal, the Committee has decided to remove the 150 yard marker tree on #1 and #4.
These are the last two remaining 150 yard marker trees.

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