Saturday, March 11, 2017

12 Teeing Ground

Monday we received a shipment of sod for the surrounds of the 12th tee.  We installed 11,000 square feet of ryegrass which covered most of the area impacted by the project. The areas that are still exposed are well out of play and will be seeded.
The quality of the sod is very good even though the color is a little off.  The turf came from a sod farm on the east side of the state where it's been frozen solid for several months and therefore is in a slight state of dormancy.  It should green up very soon since we are finally seeing a return to normal temperatures in our region.  
Yesterday we rolled the area with the big tractor, set the tee blocks, and opened it up for play.Over the next several months this teeing surface will receive several topdressings of sand in order to get it smooth and firm.  We started this project on the January 2nd and everything has been done "in house" by my talented staff.  There were countless challenges faced throughout the process of construction given the severe winter weather.   Needless to say all of us are pretty proud of how it turned out.  Here's a couple before and after pictures.
Before taken from behind 11 green
Today taken from behind 11 green

Before taken from the proposed tee location.

Today taken from the new tee location.

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