Sunday, April 30, 2017

Project Update 4-30-17

We've broken out the heavy equipment and are really pushing hard to get all the ground work done around the performance center.  The record rainfall this spring has made this very difficult but we're finally getting some good weather and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Okay.......there's still a bunch of stuff to do so the light is faint but I can definitely see it.  

We recently finished the ground surrounding the hitting strip which was the first sign that things were finally getting done.
We brought in 12,000 sq ft of sod on that first load so we also sodded over the Emergency Vehicle Access and made some repairs to a few areas between 12 and 13 where the poplar trees were removed.
Now we're trying to finish the ADA compliant access to the performance center.
The old path was removed and a new gravel base was installed and compacted.
This week we should have the area ready for sodding over.
 At the pro shop concrete is being poured and it's looking very good.
 We have a great weather forecast this week so I expect a lot will get done.  Hope all of you find time to get out to the Club and check it out.  

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