Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bad Bees

We've had this warning sign up for at least a week now.  There are some angry bees living in the pond's rock wall on 15.  We've used about a dozen cans of bee spray to no avail. These bees are "dug in" like an Alabama tick. The rock wall has deep crevices and the main nest is deep inside one of them where we can't get with the bee spray.  You can see here that we tried to burn them out with a propane torch.  Again this didn't work because we couldn't get the hot flame deep into the crevice.
So then we got out the boat so we could get a better angle of attack.  We cut back all the ferns so we could pin point the entrance to the nest.  Yes we do have a bee suit and thank goodness.  I can't imagine attempting anything like this without a bee suit.  A couple years ago we had a really nasty hornets nest that made us close a few holes to golf for several hours.  That was the incident that told me we need to have a bee suit just in case something like this comes up.  So anyway we were pretty sure we had taken care of the bees after all this effort.
Yesterday however they reappeared and they were now very unfriendly.  We got the boat out again and tried even harder to burn them out.

We got the rock wall so hot that I'm worried we've killed some grass on the green by now.  I guess we'll see but I'm sorry about the bees.  We are trying our best to get rid of them.