Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fairway Aeration??

If you click on "Calendar" in the menu at the top of the blog you can see the entire golf schedule for the year which includes the dates for punching and sanding the greens and fairways.  Above you can see a picture of the calendar page and notice that we have 3 weeks blocked off for fairway aeration.  Does this mean it takes 3 weeks to punch fairways? No, in fact it takes about 5 or 6 days to punch fairways but this time of year it takes 3 weeks to find enough "good weather" days for the process.  Remember we absolutely cannot have it rain during the process or it turns out to be a big mess.  The reason I'm bringing this up is that in case you haven't noticed, we've only punched 5 fairways and there's only one week left on the schedule.  What's the hold up?  Check out this tweet from the other day sent by the national weather service....

Some how we managed to punch the greens on schedule, but as you can see we simply haven't had appropriate weather for punching the fairways so we are very much behind.  There is some hope though.......check out the forecast for the next two weeks.

It looks like starting this Wednesday we'll actually be seeing some spring like weather which should allow us to get all the fairways punched.  I just want you to know that since we are so far behind it's likely we will be finishing up on the 23rd or 24th.  I'm sorry if this inconveniences any of you but this spring the fairway aerification is very important since we skipped punching them last spring due to the demands of the new pro shop renovation.  

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