Friday, September 21, 2018

Robert J. Root

From the membership, staff, and particularly the staff of the Green Department at Tacoma Country and Golf Club, our deepest sympathies are with the Root family as we mourn the loss of Robert J. Root. 

Throughout the long history of this fine Club, many individuals have fallen victim to the lure of the beautiful grounds.  I consider myself to be one of those as I've spent almost my entire professional career here, and if the good Lord sees it my way I will spend the rest of it in the same capacity. For me there is just something about Tacoma that words cannot describe.  With that said there is still no greater example of a "Tacoma man" than Bob Root.  In 1952, Bob was hired by Tacoma's legendary, pioneering Golf Course Superintendent Henry LandIn 1969 Bob was promoted to Superintendent and held that position for more than a decade.  When I was hired in 1993 as Assistant Superintendent, Bob was still on the staff and I got to know him very well.  He was a wealth of knowledge in regards to anything and everything about this 120 acre slice of heaven.  All said, Bob's employment with Tacoma lasted over 46 years.  His love affair with Tacoma lasted till his last day on earth.  Throughout his retirement he would have his lovely wife Judy drive him to the Club just to look around.  He came by many times to get parts for his beautiful vintage putting green mower which he used to keep his lawn at home in immaculate condition.  I have to say that every time we shook hands, I was always left with an indescribable feeling of respect. After all he and I lived with the same affliction, a hopeless love for the golf course at Tacoma.  He will be missed.
Bob as night waterman (early 1950's)
Bob (right) getting ready to cut some grass (early 1950's)
Click HERE to see the 1969 Club newsletter announcing his promotion to Superintendent.

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