Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr. Pinke

Here you can see Jeremy Pinke our Horticulturist using the touch of a surgeon on the 1894.  Today it's clear what an incredible job Jeremy does since everything is starting to bloom and he's seen all over planting annuals.  What most folks don't know is how many countless days Jeremy puts in preparing for the growing season.  All fall, and winter he daily blows the parking lots, and rakes the beds.  Every shrub gets pruned.  Dozens of shrubs are dug up and relocated.  Flowers are ordered months in advance.  The custom flower baskets are planted at the nursery in February.  There is simply hours and hours of planning and hard work that goes into the presentation that Jeremy gives us each summer.  So right now is when all that work pays off and he gets the chance to show off.  Don't be afraid to tell him next time you see him that you really appreciate all that he does.  And even more so, tell him the same thing on a winter day when it may not be so obvious that he makes such a difference.  Jeremy, thank's for all that you do, we can't imagine what it would be like without you here on the team.

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