Monday, June 13, 2011

Wet Feet

Some of you may have noticed that several of the plants behind 12 green aren't well.  In this picture you can see a hole where we removed a struggling shrub, and if you look close you can see that the hole is full of water.  Remember this area is a new planting that was as a result of the sewer installation project.  This area was excavated to a depth of 7 or 8 feet before the sewer was laid, and then we imported several yards of fill to shape the mounds.  In that process several different soil types were layered in and compacted by heavy equipment.  The result is that several areas in this new complex have poor drainage so some of these plants have wet feet.  What needs to be done is we should replant these shrubs and dig a hole three times as big as necessary so that we can put several inches of gravel in before replanting.  This should keep the roots from drowning. When can we do this??  Right now is a very busy time so it will have to wait but it is on our "to do" list.  Below is a picture of this area before restoration was complete.

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