Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember the Sewer Project?

I was looking for a picture on the computer today and ran across some old ones that really brought back some memories.  Specifically, I found some pics of the property before the sewer project.  Does anyone remember the sewer project?  I definately remember the challenges surrounding the 6 month ordeal, but looking at some of these pics reminded me just how much the project resulted in so many improvements.  For example, below is 4 tee before and after.  Clearly the tree removal really cleaned up the look of the hole but also the new tee configuration is a huge improvement.
4 tee before sewer

4 tee today
5 tee before sewer
Now look at 5 tee before and after.  Again, getting rid of the scrubby trees looks good and the new teeing grounds look like they've always been there.

5 tee today

12 green before sewer
One of the most dramatic changes was behind #12 green.  There was great concern before the sewer project that this green and its surroundings would never be the same, and we were just going to have to live with that.  Now this area is one of my personal favorites.  I don't miss the fir tree backdrop one bit and the green loves all the new morning sunlight it receives.

12 green today
 Anyway, the list of improvements that resulted from the sewer project is simply too long for a blog which is why I created a website just for that project.  Keep in mind this sewer website is my first attempt at web creation so it's a little rough, but it is full of pictures and its fun to look at what it used to look like versus today.  Check it out by clicking here

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