Friday, January 6, 2012

Nasty weather work

It's another one of those days when we have to stay off the course because of frost.  No worries, there is still a lot to do to get ready for the upcoming golf season.  These benches just received a new coat of paint and are drying in Joe's shop.  You can see here that the benches are taken apart before painting.  Here, Jason is putting a fresh coat of green on the boards.
Of course before we paint them, we lightly sand them and or fill holes and cracks with wood filler putty.  The bench ends also get some attention.  As you can see here, Joe is putting a fresh coat of black paint on them.
F.Y.I. we have repainted these benches countless times.  I don't know what year the Club started investing in these benches but we have certainly gotten our money's worth out of them.  Brand new these benches are over $400 each so it pays to keep them, and we try to keep them looking new by bringing them in each winter and touching them up.  As you can see by the next picture, we have been doing this every winter for a very long time.  This picture was taken in 1984 when apparently yellow was a really nice color. Yes that bench is still on the course today but now, thank goodness, it's green.  By the way, can you guess what hole this is????
Also, we are working on pruning trees on days like this.  The weather is never so bad that we can't prune trees and shrubs.  In fact we usually do this when there is snow on the ground, but today we got started on it during the frost delay, and who knows if we will even see snow cover this year.  These pictures show that we basically just prune away all the suckers.  If we didn't, we would have some pretty ugly trees with poor growth habit.

Lastly, you probably have noticed some work going on behind #2 green.  We are extending the fence to screen off the maintenance road.  Here you can see Tino setting the posts.
Also notice the huge rhododendrons we planted to buffer the fence.  

This will be a nice improvement.  

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