Friday, January 27, 2012


After being closed for 12 days, golfers were once again on the links today.  We've had climbers in the trees for 5 days now trying to get everything down on the ground and I believe it is as safe as ever to be on the property.  It is however a partial opening as there is still significant snow cover on 14, and 15 green.  So after playing #12, go to 16 tee which is of course is the like the old routing before the course was rerouted in 1989.  Here is a picture of 15 green today.
So as you enjoy your round today, keep in mind some of the unique challenges associated with playing golf through what looks like the aftermath of a typhoon.  For example, these limbs are piled for removal.  You always get relief from material that has been piled for removal by the grounds crew.

Now this is simply a loose impediment but right now we are under a local rule that all storm debris is ground under repair.  Therefore you could take relief from this little limb instead of moving the limb.
Now this is also a loose impediment but would most likely be an immovable obstruction.  Doesn't really matter now under the local rule that this is ground under repair.  You don't have to hit this shot.  You get free relief from all storm debris.  By the way, this master of the game got up and down from here. 

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