Friday, February 3, 2012

Scenes From Snowpocalypse

The tree that once stood near the 16th tee was an old beauty but the increased sunlight to 12 approach will be much appreciated.

The tree on 6 that lost this limb is kind of important since it helps protect those on 7 tee from errant shots.  Soon, a cable will be installed in it to assist preservation of the stem that survived the ice storm.

Our chipper blew a head gasket so the limb piles are getting large while we wait for repairs.
Chipper engine without head.
Head gasket failed between cylinders 2 and 3
Before blowing a head gasket, our chipper was able to produce this huge pile of chip.  On a chilly morning, it puts off this vapor which looks pretty neat.

These guys are some of the temporary workers helping with the clean up effort.  Kelly is their leader and they are doing an awesome job.  ( left to right, Kelly, Jon, Dustin, Andrew, Patrick)  We call them "Kelly's Heroes"

One of the umpteen thousand loads of debris heading to the compost pile

The dumptruck after a long day of pulling the chipper

The beautiful harmony of several chainsaws can be heard on the property

The rings on these old oaks are so tight that we can't count them.

This is oak tree #215, as you can see by the metal tag.  She was a beautiful old oak but now that she's sliced up we see that she was dying of illness evident by the extensive decay all up inside her.  Sad, but turf loves the sun and this picture shows how close the green is since you can see the top of a flagstick and also that this old oak was branded a "shade maker" by Arborcom during a sunlight study.  That's one of their tags nailed to her and this was one tree we spared during our first tree removal project to improve the 6th green.  "Thanks Mother Nature."

Hex plugs were taken from a putting green to repair damage caused by a fallen tree.

Carnage on hole #11.

a movable obstruction

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