Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great News! We Punched Greens!!!

Now it's pouring down rain which is perfect.  This will wash all the sand in very nicely.  I know most of you are not thinking that us punching greens this past Monday is "great news".  As always the greens were just getting really good.  At least that's what everyone seems to say the day before we punch greens.  But really, punching greens this past Monday is great news because it's a week before our scheduled date, and that means they will be healed up a week earlier and essentially you get an extra week of great greens this spring.

Here's Kevan putting the first roll on the greens after the sand has been drug in.  
This always makes them roll so nice.
Here's Joe dragging the greens again yesterday which we followed up with the first mowing, which basically just picks up extra sand and as you can imagine it dulls the mowers big time.  This final drag was really critical because it filled up any remaining holes,  packed sand in all the holes, and allowed us to equally distribute the extra sand.  In the spring we don't always get a chance to get this final drag in because it rains so often.  Dragging sand on greens is only possible if the surface is dry.  Yesterday morning the rain had not moved in yet and there was a steady breeze so by 9 am we were dragging and mowing.  Again, this almost never happens so I would have to say we had the best spring weather I've ever seen for greens aerification and so you can imagine the process went as good as I've ever seen it.  Below is what they look like this morning and they are rolling pretty good.
So like I said, yesterday morning the rain was still holding off so we decided to get out our brand new TORO 864 and punch some fairways.  We did indeed punch fairways 10 and 12 before the rain hit and they turned out great.  Looks like we will get a chance to sand them next Monday.  Below is Tim on #12 fairway with our new fairway puncher.  Click on the video and watch how smooth this thing is in action.


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