Friday, November 9, 2012

We're Rockin and Rollin !!

#14 is sodded

#13 fairway is sodded and so is the greenside bunker on #13
That was the first truck load of sod.  This week we got a slightly larger load of sod and started on #11.
We had 8 or more people laying sod on this load, and thanks to some perfect weather which really boosted morale, all 22,000 square feet went down in under 6 hours.  The fescue bullnoses take a little extra time as those areas require hundreds more staples than the bunker floors.  In fact tomorrow morning there will still be a little fescue to be put down on #7.  Below is a couple pics that show how well #11 turned out.

Here is #12 this morning in the frost.................really sweet!  I would say this might be my favorite bunker so far.......
except now look at the right bunker on #7.  This is awesome also.
These two on the left of #7 are also impressive.
Sod will be arriving for the left side of #7 on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Below you can see things are coming along on the two large fairway bunkers on 16 and 7 fairway.  They will be ready for sod in a couple days.
Also, this is how the left fairway bunker on #7 turned out in its new location.
As you can see, if you get in the left side of this nasty thing, hitting out sideways might be your best option.  I recommend avoiding this bunker on all your future rounds played at Tacoma.
The Schaan (as in Nick Schaan) was here today to review things and go over next weeks project which is 5 and 8 green complex.  The Schaan is pretty fired up and excited about our progress.  Kip and company had a great week.  Dry, cold weather makes for good building conditions and Kip's work this week has been just amazing.  Honestly, it's brutally obvious that Kip has shaped thousands of bunkers in his time.  He effortlessly shapes these new land features into this old property that look like they have always been here.  I can't say enough about his skill, and that of his hard working staff...........but if we're going to talk about staff, the Tacoma staff is the greatest.  Thanks everyone for your tireless efforts.  I hope this weather holds out a little longer cuz we're in the groove, working as a team, and Rockin and Rollin on this thing.    

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