Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bunker Stairs

Tacoma's award winning bunker renovation was completed in 2013.  The hazards created by that project are visually dramatic and pose a considerable challenge to players.  Getting up and down from a bunker at Tacoma is hard enough, but for some folks it's also hard just getting in and out.  A great example of that condition exists with this bunker which fronts the 18th green.
The Committee has heard the concerns and the decision has been made to install some stairs in a few of the bunkers which have the most difficult ingress and egress.  A staircase in a bunker might not be something you see every day but it really isn't that uncommon.  For example, check out this bunker at Garden City Golf Club.
And here's a bunker at Ganton golf Club.
Recently, these stairs were installed in some bunkers at the Country Club of the Rockies.
Notice not all bunker stairs are the same.  Different styles of bunkers require different styles of stairs.  Here's what we did here at Tacoma.
Once we decided on the location of the stairs, we started by setting the lowest step.  Notice we drilled holes through the steps and anchored them with metal stakes.
We then excavated up and out of the bunker and continued to install steps until we reached a logical stopping point. 
 To finish the job, the surrounding soil was shaved down with a shovel to create soft edges like those that define the bunkers.
This resulted in a staircase that looks appropriate with the style of bunkers here at Tacoma.

Early reports from players are that the stairs are working good.  So far the stairs you see here on 18 green are the only ones on the course but we will be installing stairs in some other bunkers.  The stairs are immovable obstructions and I urge you to familiarize yourself with rule 24-2.  The rules surrounding immovable obstructions are unique when the condition exists in a bunker.  To see Rule 24-2 click HERE.  For a great explanation of the rule I found this.....Click HERE

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