Friday, May 13, 2016

Playground on the Prairie

 If you haven't already heard, the Lakewood Historical Society created a marker for the Club which commemorates it's historical significance.  We recently placed it near the north end of the clubhouse.  This seems like a good spot for the marker, but the final resting place is still being discussed at the committee level.  In the mean time, take a minute to go check it out. 

Lakewood has been a city for only 20 years, yet the town and community of Lakewood, once known simply as "the prairie", has a long, interesting history.  The Lakewood Historical Society was formed in 1998 and this marker is proof that they are fulfilling their mission to identify, preserve, and perpetuate Lakewood's history. Should the Club be recognized as historically significant?  I certainly think so.  In 1894, the Club was just a golf club.  When the Club moved the shore of American Lake in 1904, it became much more.  In addition to golf, there was boating, fox hunting, polo, tennis, and shooting.  When cars came along one of the favorite pastimes was driving and the vast open space around the Club was ideal for driving.  The Club became known as the playground on the prairie, and of course not everyone could afford this leisure.  It became the destination for Tacoma's upper crust of society.  All the movers and shakers joined the Club.  These were the people that started industry which provided the jobs.  These were the people that shaped and built Tacoma and the surrounding communities like Lakewood.  Yes, the Club is certainly significant to Lakewood's history.  As one of the first golf clubs in America, it is in fact historically significant at a national level.  Let's never forget that.  This historical marker certainly belongs here.  If you would like to see the other Lakewood historical markers, click HERE to see a list of them.  If you want to know more about Lakewood's history, check out the Lakewood Historical Society's website HERE.

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