Thursday, October 27, 2016

New ProShop - It has begun

The next time you come to the Club, it will be very apparent that the ProShop renovation has begun.  The mobile structure near the putting green will act as the temporary ProShop starting Tuesday November 1st and throughout the project period.  
The shallow ditch has been dug to take temporary power out to the structure. 
The back of the ProShop has been transformed into headquarters for the contractor.  There will not be any parking available behind the ProShop throughout the project period.  
The fencing around the job site is there for your protection.  Please do not enter the construction zone.
At this time the snack bar is still open and will remain so as long as possible.  There will be times throughout the project when it might close due to interruptions in the power or gas supply.
Club storage is in these mobile structures.  They are very secure but obviously getting your clubs is a little more challenging and time consuming.  It would be very helpful if you let the ProShop know ahead of time that your playing golf so that the staff can have time to pull your clubs and have them ready.  Please call and leave messages or just send an email telling us when you plan to play golf.   PLEASE READ EMAILS COMING FROM THE CLUB....There will many more emails coming which will update you on the progress and help you understand the changes is our daily operation during this transition to the temporary facility.

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