Saturday, November 5, 2016


With the roof removed, you can see that BPCI (contractor) has wasted no time with the renovation of the ProShop.  On the inside that fact is even more obvious.  

With the inside stripped out, it's easy to see that there has been a couple major renovations over the past.  I've not been able to find out the exact date that the first ProShop was built but it clearly stood in this exact location because this wall (see below) was part of that original structure.  In the center of the picture you can see remnants of the stucco exterior.
Here's a cool picture of some guys standing in front of the original ProShop.  The picture was taken in the early 30's I believe.  If you really want to see what the original ProShop looked like, watch this movie which was filmed in 1926 (click HERE).
Anyway, it's full steam ahead with the renovation and it was a crazy week trying to get the temporary facility set up.
Jim Carr has been an absolute superstar through the process.  He's completed a large "to do" list and at the same time he built this lean-to on the side of the temporary building.
My staff has also been amazing.  Here you can see them putting the final touches on by spreading chips around the entire facility.  Where did we get those chips?  Well we always have lots of chips but it was pretty convenient this time since we had to remove some trees near the ProShop to facilitate installation of new utilities.  Here's a look at the ProShop before tree removal.
And here's a look at the ProShop after tree removal.  A huge improvement really.  Thinning a dense stand of trees always looks better and it's healthier for the trees that you're keeping. 
On the inside of the temporary ProShop it's quite comfortable.  This is going to work just fine for the next 6 months.  
It's really exciting knowing that the new ProShop will soon be a reality but make no mistake, it has been a huge challenge transitioning to the new temporary facility.  Thank you to everyone for their patience and the biggest thank you to these folks for hanging in there and getting the job done.
Here's Mitch, Dan, and Desirae enjoying the temporary shop now that it's finally functional.  Sorry I don't have a picture of Jack in here but he also needs to be acknowledged as a superstar during this crazy transition.  

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