Saturday, December 3, 2016

Project Update

BPCI took advantage of the break in the rain and poured the slab for the new ProShop retail area.  They pumped the concrete from the back parking lot over the building.  
The pour went well and now they're getting ready to start framing the new area.
Inside there is still a lot of work going on re-engineering the structure.  
Out on the driving range, BPCI has wasted no time with the build of the performance center.
They have already excavated the area and are getting ready to set forms for the foundation.  

Also out on the driving range, my staff has made huge progress on the install of the artificial turf strip.  The sod has been removed and using a lazer level we have set the elevation points and started digging for the foundation.  

FYI, the logistics of pouring concrete in this area became so complicated that we've decided to build a gravel base for the turf strip.  In the end it will look the same but we are definitely saving a lot of money doing it this way. 

On the golf course the break in the weather has given us an opportunity to continue work on the bunkers.  We're making sure each trap has good sand depth throughout the bunker floor and we're also replacing damaged fescue areas.  
All the greens were recently topdressed and you may have noticed that we're changing the width of a couple of fairways.

Maintaining a golf course is fun work but there's nothing better than being caught up on the maintenance and getting the opportunity to make improvements.  This is the time of year when we can do that.  

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