Saturday, January 28, 2017

Normal is not so normal

Well we finally got some normal temperatures and things thawed out nicely.  I'm very pleased with how the turf looks after such a long cold snap.  Since thawing out, we've gotten a chance to mow and roll the greens and they are pretty good all things considered.  The golf course has been open every day this week and things finally seem normal........but of course nothing is normal at Tacoma right now.  A lot of things are going on and once we're finished with all this construction, there will be a new normal, a much improved new normal.
The new normal will be an updated, larger pro shop.  Just a quick note here, in this picture notice the sign hanging form the oak tree on the first tee.  We just added that sign to display the hole location for the day since our old sign was removed when they started the pro shop remodel.  Looking at the front of the pro shop it looks like very little has changed in the last week but really all the action has been going on in the back of the building and also at the performance center.
In the back you can see that the roof has been removed and some big beams have been installed.  This picture was taken yesterday and you can see that they have just poured some new concrete.  The back of the pro shop will be larger than before providing more storage for carts, bags, etc.
 Out on the driving range you can see that the performance center now has walls.  Yes this building is tall but that's what you need when you're swinging clubs inside of it.
 Check out the view from the teaching bay doorway.  All I can say is "Awesome"!
The new normal also includes a new 12th hole.  Okay really it's just a new teeing ground for the 12th hole but from the new position, the hole will play very different.  This picture below shows where the new tee position is located.
So we've had great weather for this project.  We started by removing the sod from the old tee and saving it on pallets for reinstalling on the new tee.  Considering the cold soil temperatures, this turf can safely stay rolled up for a couple weeks.

With the sod removed, we then moved all the soil south to build the new teeing ground sub-grade.
Today the new sub-grade is basically finished.  The new teeing ground is about 90 yards long and every bit of it is tee-able which will provide many yardage options.  The next step is to blend in the surrounds of the tee with the 11th green.   Then we'll put down a couple inches of sand and start installing sod. 
Speaking of the 11th green, look how much sunlight is hitting the surface late in the day yesterday.
I couldn't be more excited for how this project is turning out.  So far every phase is going better than expected.  Something I didn't expect was that when we started to reinstall the irrigation system to this area, some significant improvement were made to how the sprinklers were spaced.  So not only did we finally get adequate sunlight for the 11th green, we also have improved control of the water.  That's huge.  The new normal on this green complex and teeing ground will be just as impressive as the new normal around the pro shop.  

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