Friday, February 3, 2017

Project Update 2-3-17

The BPCI team really made some serious progress on the new structures this week.  On the performance center, a huge glue lam beam was put in place.  With this support beam, the open hitting area can be made without any visible posts.  As of today all the trusses were installed and now you can imagine the final height of the building.

 Speaking of trusses, check out the back of the proshop.  The new footprint of the golf cart/golf bag storage area is clearly larger and more spacious.

Looking inside this area you can see that several beams have been installed making it a very open space.

Outside you'll notice that some more ground has been disturbed.  A 2 foot deep trench was dug from the proshop to the performance center.  This ditch contains the wires which will supply power and data communication.

On the golf course, my staff did an amazing job this week with the renovation of the 12th tee.

A mixture of sand and peat was installed as the rootzone material.  Getting the soil to the site was easy since the ground was again frozen and firm which allowed us to drive the dump trucks right on to the tee surface. 

The final grading was done by hand and then we were ready to bring back the sod.

After being rolled up for almost 2 weeks, the sod still looks very good thanks to the cold weather.

There's still a lot of sod to be installed but right now this project couldn't be going any better.

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