Sunday, March 10, 2019

Fixing the 5th - The Build

The project to return strategy and improve shot value to the 5th hole began with some selective tree removal.  Here's what the tee shot looked like before we started.

 Here's what it looks like today.  You can see that there is now a clear optional route over the oak tree if you so choose to take the risk.
The weather is finally cooperating and we're making some serious progress restoring the grounds where trees were removed.  We also have a good start on building the new teeing grounds.
Yes it looks like a mess right now but we've finished most of the underground work and now we can get it back to level.  Click on the image below to watch a video where I explain more details about the project.
Click on the image below to watch a flyover of the golf hole while we were working on it last Friday.  Keep in mind I'm an amateur drone pilot.  You'll notice in this video that I paused flying for a while after passing over the green.........I pretty much thought I crashed the drone for second.

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  1. I really appreciate you keeping us abreast of the plans and your thinking. It looks great